2010 Hunting Journal

Full of twist and turns, the 2010 season will not soon be forgotten. The season was full of excitement from the first morning of archery season to the last days' sleigh ride ,in the pick-up, on the way home.

The first hunters we had were a couple from Iowa. They had bought the hunt to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. By the end of the hunt, Shana had brought in a beautiful 6x6 bull, just a few inches shy of Pope & Young. A wonderful article describing the hunt and the camp was written and published in the January 2011 edition of an Iowa Sportmans' magazine.


Another of the archery highlights included a huge 7x7 bull circling at 50 yards, in the open. The hunter, Keith, was caught in the open and was unable to draw his bow without being seen.

Beaver Creek Outfitting also had the pleasure of taking Andy Ross, from Maximum Archery, hunting for a big bull and a good show for television. We were able to get him close enough for a shot, but there are no guarantees in bow hunting. Andy ended up going home without the big elk or the makings for a show. Hopefully he will have better luck when he, and his camera man Mike, come back in 2011.

Returning from Texas, a pair of our repeat hunters, Ed and Tracy along with a guest of theirs' from Michigan, were with us for our first week of rifle season. All three men were successful at taking bulls and Ed also harvested a cow with the B tag cow license he drew.

Tracy had taken a 4x5 bull in 2009 and wanted at least a 6x6 this year. Throughout the week, Tracy passed up smaller bulls in hopes of getting the monster he wanted. On the last day, a big growling bull showed himself and Tracy took him down with a beautiful shot.

Second week of the season proved successful as well. Kurt and Mary, from Minnesota, were back, and Kurt was going to set the records straight. The year before, Mary shot a good bull, but this time Kurt was determined to be the one taking home the prize. Kurt dumped a modest 5x6 bull on the run with an amazing shot, through thick timber, at 75 yards. Kurt and Mary plan on returning in 2011 to try their hands at bow hunting. We are excited for their return.

Week three was full of action with a group from Minnesota and two from Florida. Terry, from Minnesota, took a 5x5 bull and John brought in a great mule deer buck, on the same day.

The next week we saw plenty of bulls, most of which by glassing the hills from our horse corrals. The hunters got some shots off, but were unable to connect.

The 5th week Central Montana was hit with a freak arctic storm and we struggled to even get out of the tents. The beginning of the week the temperature had dropped to 15 below zero with a freezing wind that would chill a person to the bone. The weather improved, however, and on Thanksgiving Day the hunters were able to bag 3 elk and a mule deer.

The first week of December, we packed up camp and flew it out with great weather.

We would like to express our thanks to all of our hunters for the 2010 season and special thanks to the one who is the author of all things created.

Shana's Elk
Shana's Elk
Tracy with horns on his back
Tracy with horns on his back