2007 Hunting Journal

Three bull elk were harvested during the first week. Twin brothers from Maine hunted hard and went home with a bull apiece. One of which was a very nice 5 x 5 bull. Paul and Jerimi were able to guide Larry Bishop from Florida to within 200 yards of a magnificent 7 point bull on Wednesday evening. They started their day with a 2-hour horseback ride to a remote ridge top. As the shadows lengthened, they spotted a dozen head of elk coming out of some green timber. The elk crossed a ridge top and began feeding in an open lush meadow. The last two elk to come into the meadow were bulls. Although half a mile separated the men and elk, Larry and the guides realized that one of the bulls was significantly larger than the other. The elk were grazing and moving at a quick pace, so Paul and Jerimi took Larry on a high hurdle race through the dead fall trees on the ridge opposite the elk. Paul and Jerimi were able to quickly cut the distance between them and the elk. This maneuver put Larry into a shooting position directing above the elk. Jerimi helped Larry locate the bigger of the two bulls in the group. With a very nicely placed shot, Larry downed the big 7 point bull.

Larry Bishop also harvested a nice no typical muley buck. We saw several mule deer bucks with antlers spreads over 30 inches wide. A couple of missed shots and being in the right spot at the wrong time gave these monsters an opportunity to just get bigger. Maybe next year we’ll get a shot at the trophies that have developed as a result of the big buck genetics in the Lost Fork drainage.

On the fifth week of the hunting season, all the hunters were successful at taking elk. We almost had the group of hunters tag out that week but we needed to harvest one more deer. Robert Yeager from Michigan took a heavy 24 inch antlered muley that week, the largest harvested that season.

Thanks to everyone who came hunting with us this year. It was a pleasure having you.

Eagerly waiting for next year,

Paul Ritchey