Hunting Testimonials

Hunting Testimonials

To Paul and Family,

While driving back home after our recent Elk Hunt with you I gave a lot of thought to the whole experience. I knew when I got back I had to write and express our gratitude to everyone involved with Beaver Creek Outfitters.

In my over 60 years of quite successful bow hunting all over North America I can honestly say I have never had a more organized, knowledgeable and hard working outfitter than the one you run, and I've had some good ones. Grandpa Chuck, you get a special mention for the great breakfasts, lunches and dinners you made including a different fresh baked pie every day.

One rainy afternoon while tending our wall tent woodstove my thoughts wandered back to the likes of Jack O'Conner and Fred Bear and how on days like this they would be jotting down in their note books all they were experiencing. Except for the electric generator and the hot showers our hunt was exactly the same horseback mountain elk hunt that they wrote about so many years ago. Very nostalgic for this old bow hunter!

Although we didn't get our bull this trip, it wasn't because you guys didn't make every effort to make it happen. Getting a  bull with a bow is never easy and a little luck always helps. God willing, we'll be back to witness the pristine beauty of the mountains and the bugling elk that is yours to guide in.

~ Many Thanks,   Don and Anthony Tranchita

Good people in God's country make for great experiences. This was a great experience.

Fantastic camp, great horses, knowledgeable hosts. Paul's operation is family run with three generations in camp. We loved that. And for a remote wall tent camp there were many creature comforts not expected. Go 7-days on most backcountry elk hunts and you'll have a newfound appreciation for grandpa's cooking and Beaver Creek's heated shower tent. Jeff, our guide, was the consummate bowhunter. Obsessed with scent control, wind direction, calling strategy - the details required to make it happen with a stick and string.

My cousin and I had many requirements before choosing an outfitter. Montana was priority one. Others were that it be a pack-in horseback hunt, wall tent camp on public land. We wanted an area with a good population of animals but we weren't overly concerned with the trophy potential. We're flatlanders and we wanted to see elk. If you count morning and evenings, we had a total of 12 hunts. We saw elk on 11 of them.

This hunt is no picnic. Lots of riding and it can be as strenuous as you're willing to make it. But it is most definitely authentic. The trip alone was well worth the money. To also harvest this amazing creature was more than I could have ever dreamed of.  Just before I drew I remember thinking this is really going to happen.   Then he let out a final deep, raspy bugle that is hard to describe. That sight, that sound – it'll change you forever.

~ Jeff Tolle
   Jenks, Oklahoma

"I hunted with Beaver Creek Outfitters the second week in November. I had never been on a guided hunt before and I must say it was everything I expected and more. The livestock was excellent. The food was better than home. I saw game (elk and mule deer) every day I was there. I hope to go back and I would recommend booking a hunt with Paul. You'll get your money's worth."

"My memory of my hunt with you is almost as good as the days I spent with you. My Montana elk is on the wall just inside my front door and I get to see it every day. Hope to see you again sometime in the future."

~ Truman Wilkin

"I know I was fortunate to be in the mountains when the weather was perfect and the game was moving about, but I also appreciate all the work you and Dean put into making my trip as memorable as it turned out. I couldn't ask for better food or accommodations, and I know if other hunters had gotten the same weather conditions, they would have had equally successful hunts. As I told you on arrival in Montana, I only hoped to see game and get a shot for me to consider my hunt successful. "

"The week I spent with you far exceeded any expectations I had. To shoot a 6x5 elk on the first day in the camp was a foretaste of the week to follow, and shooting a nice mule deer Thursday topped off the week. By my count in the journal I kept, I saw over 300 head of elk during the week, and over 100 mule deer. At least ten of the elk I saw were legal bulls, several of which were branch antlered, and at least one of those was larger than the one I killed. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family, and hope to be able to return and hunt with you again."

~ Bill Purswell

"This was my first Elk hunt and I had a great time. Beaver Creek, Outfitters was a first class operation. The food was outstanding as was the service shown to the clients. The outfitter, guides and the cook went out of their way to give everybody a great hunt. The whole crew was friendly and sociable, there was a lot of good natured ribbing.

I hunted the last week of November and we saw game everyday. I took a 6x5 Elk and a 4x4 Mule Deer on the third full day of the hunt. The animals were taken within a two hour period. For a first hunt this was one hell of a start. I only hope its not my last. I would highly recommend this hunt. I hope to hunt with Paul again someday."

~ Frank E. Kosloski

"Special. That's the word that comes to mind every time I think of the times we've hunted together over the past twenty years. I feel very privileged to have been the first person to hunt with you when you began to outfit and guide. You've always been more than an outfitter or guide, you've been a friend.

No matter what happens that makes each trip worth while. Never have I been disappointed. In fact, in the five times I've hunted with you each hunt has been better than the previous. Each time I come you have made it easier and more enjoyable to hunt and find game. The food has always been exceptional.

Everyone went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our hunt and had all the supplies necessary to be comfortable and successful on our hunt. Especially was I impressed with the amount of game seen on this hunt. The deer I shot was the largest I've ever killed. He will definitely wind up on a wall in my study for others to see.

The thing which impressed me was the number of large racks we saw during the week that may have been larger. Thanks for an exceptional hunt and for your friendship. We will be back and hope to have a group which will fill the camp for a week."

~ Jimmy W. Holloway